What We Do

Security Process Audit

UNIQ provides consulting in an effort to help improve security in residences / organizations. The security process audit may be conducted as a preventive initiative or could be also conducted after a breach as a post-mortem analysis to find out what went wrong and to arrive at measures that need be taken to avoid further breaches.

Typically a mandate of this nature begins with “UNIQ” personnel visiting the premises. They perform a complete physical check of the venue and security arrangements. They talk to the employees / residents as applicable and understand their daily routine, patterns and processes. “UNIQ” also conducts mock theft / fraud exercises to assess feasibility of a breach. Then they make a list of loop holes in the system and also suggest remedies on how to plug them.

As an extension to the mandate, UNIQ may be hired to oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

Besides residences, organizations of all kinds benefit from this service. Buildings with complex structures and huge traffic of people coming IN and going OUT such as hospitals, schools, malls, industries benefit from this service.