About Us

Welcome To UNIQ!!

Even until the 90s, offering security as an organized commercial product was a widely neglected domain in India. But in 1996 when Flt Lt KP Nagesh decided to begin his own venture, security services consulting was his immediate choice. Offering security services seemed to him like an extension of his Air Force days. It not only gave him an opportunity to utilize his Armed Forces experience, but also enabled him to create opportunities for other individuals sharing a similar passion for valor, vigilance, discipline and a zeal to protect. Losing no time, in August 1996 at Bangalore he laid the foundation for this dream.
When he deliberated on a name for the organization, he wanted it to reflect the differentiator - the uniqueness that he wanted to bring into the market. As a concept, security was certainly not novel. But he wanted it to be distinctly different in the way it reached his client and the community at large. And so to enable that difference, he worked at the very core of his business delivery – the security professionals.

He believed that nurtured and well-prepared security professionals will be in better mental and physical health to protect others. So employee wellness initiatives and training won more focus at UNIQ. Catering to basic human needs such as providing accommodation and food, and fulfilling more vocational needs such as providing training of the regional vernacular language to non-local employees came into priority.

The essence of the training orientation program offered as mandatory to all security professionals at UNIQ, is to encourage taking authority and displaying ownership on the job. Besides these integrity and honesty constitute our core values. A sense of ownership, however, can only come from a very satisfied employee in love with his job and organization. This takes us back to the Managing Director’s firm belief that keeping the security professionals happy is quintessential for ensuring the security of the clients. And the clients benefit from the dedication, discipline, fitness and agility of the professionals that come as result of the spirit of ownership that is now ingrained into them. This sums up the uniqueness behind UNIQ.

UNIQ has an effective monitoring system in place to ensure constant vigil and alertness of the security professionals on duty. There is continuous training, effective rewards and penal systems in place to encourage highest quality of service from among the personnel.

In the last 15 years UNIQ has grown multiple times in size and stature. UNIQ is a member organization of the Indian Institute of Security Management (IISM), the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM) and holds accreditation with the Karnataka Security Services Association (KSSA) and Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI).