What We Do

Surveillance and Investigative Services

UNIQ boasts of a senior team that has experience in military security intelligence. Capitalizing on this, we offer private investigative services to individuals as well as corporate. To mention a few of the services that UNIQ offers in this category are,

Conducting background checks on individuals to gather both their professional as well as personal history. In the professional world this service finds extensive use in running employee background screening checks and prospective vendors screening. Families running background checks on prospective grooms/ brides, tracking movements of spouse and parents tracking the daily routine of their children are also not rare.

Conducting bug sweeps in residences as well as organizations to ensure privacy and safety.

Private investigative services to solve fraud / property theft / data theft & misuse. UNIQ does not stop at identifying the thief; we also conduct covert operations to help in proving the guilt and thus enable taking legal action against the same.

UNIQ also undertakes investigative service to uncover trademark / brand / IP misuse. This is in very beneficial in preventing black markets and piracy.

Industries and factories are particularly prone to theft in the supply chain. UNIQ investigates and resolves any loopholes there may be in the same.

UNIQ controls & prevents losses from shop-lifting and supply chain theft at Huge retail chains and malls.