About Us


Security Professionals at UNIQ are trained to think and act like commandos - to own the outcome of their doings and take pride in the service they do. With ownership and pride comes a reluctance to commit mistakes and quality of security provided to clients therefore increase manifold.

In accordance with the Indian Government’s norms, UNIQ offers three-week intensive training program, a mix of theory and practical classes. Besides basic guarding skills, the personnel are trained on techniques in self-defense, patrolling, fire-fighting, intelligence gathering, anticipatory thinking, discretionary thinking, vigilance, first-aid and so on. They are also taught basic courses in Computers, Dress Etiquette, Communication, Signaling through Whistling and Torches, Phone Etiquette, and Traffic Control. They undergo extremely intensive fitness regime. They are also put through stress-relief programs.

The UNIQ training regime

      We conduct Mass training, Unit training and Refresher programs for upgrading skills.

      All personnel undergo intensive physical fitness training and stress relief sessions.

Professional Skills

      Guarding and Patrolling


      First Aid

      Vigilance and Intelligence gathering

       Signalling, Whistles, Torches

      Anticipatory and Discretionary thinking

Technical Skills


      CCTV and Access Control operations

      Archiving and Back up

      Audio and Video InterCom

      ePABX operations

      Generation of Customised reports

Social Skills

      Verbal Communication

       Dress Etiquette

       Phone Etiquette

      Crowd Control

       Personal Courtesy